Program Information - Image 1Summit Weekender represents the logical extension of the Summit Camp and Travel Programs for youngsters ages 11 – 19, who have an interest in or need for a guided short term experience with peers, and who would benefit from opportunities for structured and supervised social experiences throughout the school year. The Weekender Program extends our concept of therapeutic recreation and social skills support to youth group weekend excursions. Since 1969 Summit Camp has operated its resident camp in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Fifteen years ago Summit began its international Travel Program for youngsters ages 16 -22. Three years ago Summit Camp began a school year (fall, winter and spring) program of weekend getaways for 11 – 19 year olds in the New York area and now announces the expansion of this program country wide.


The Program

WHAT: A weekend and school vacation program designed for teenagers to interact with and make a few new friends, enjoy a guided and supervised recreational weekend break staffed by educators and youth workers who understand them. Very much like a 24/7 social skills activity weekend.
WHO: Young people, ages 11 - 19, who are kids with issues of Aspergers syndrome, NVLD, HFA, mild learning disabilities, and/or ADHD/ADD who would benefit from a directed weekend experience designed to foster socialization, peer interaction,  and independence.
WHERE: Our Weekender programs are currently held in six locations. These include metropolitan Chicago, metropolitan Atlanta, south Florida, metro NY/NJ/PA, Colorado and metro Baltimore/Washington/ DC and northern Virginia. Summit Weekender will be expanding cross country during the next year.
Program Information - Image 2WHY: We all know the experience of our children, their siblings and parents come Friday after school, those unstructured times when peers are not to be found and activity levels drop. Summit Weekender is the opportunity for a guided weekend filled with fun, recreation, and time for new and old friends. It also provides an oasis for the young person and respite for their family.
HOW: Weekenders have a schedule similar to that of a youth group retreat or weekend camp. A full range of activities are offered as well as meals together and general guided teenage time for chatting, music listening, smores and even a campfire.
ACCOMODATIONS: Our groups stay in  lovely, modern fully winterized camp facilities, conference centers or resort/ tourist motels All accommodations are selected to allow for our in-house program and any special experiences such as horseback riding, skiing, water parks and sight seeing.
MEALS: Our meals are prepared and served by our facility's chefs in the on site dining hall/ restaurant. Eating cafeteria style, our weekenders often have several choices at each meal. Special diet concerns can also be met. All meals are kosher-style. We always have our own dining area to maintain our sense of group and community while dining. There will also be snacks each evening.
Program Information - Image 3FACILITIES: Our facilities have a full range of activity areas appropriate to the specific program. These may include sports fields, crafts and activity rooms, adventure courses, hiking trails, and lakes for canoeing or fishing.
COST: Fees include transportation to and from the venue, lodging and meals as well as all program activities both on and off site. Weekenders should bring personal toiletries and sheets, towels and a pillow. They may also want a small amount of money for vending machine snacks and souvenirs, depending on the particular venue.
STAFF: All of our Weekender Programs are supervised by our Area Director and a staff of trained counselors who are experienced in working with our community. Often these are professionals who work with special kids as well – educators, social workers, and recreational specialists.  A Nurse is in residence on every program to dispense routine medications and support any health issues. All of our staff are also very good role models.